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You can now easily create twitter reader using Windows Azure Mobile Services features custom API, Git support and NPM (Node Package Manager) support

  1. Create new mobile service (You can use free 20 MB SQL database) Create new windows azure mobile service
  2. Choose Database details Create new windows azure mobile service part 2
  3. Open the dashboard and click Set up source control Windows Azure Mobile Service setup source control
  4. From bottom choose yes confirm source control
  5. You can see the status on bottom bar Wait until completed
  6. Go to Data tab while waiting Windows Azure Mobile Services Data Tab
  7. Create new table and call it "tweets" Creating new table Tweets
  8. Go to API tab Custom API Tab
  9. Create new API and call it "tweets". Make sure that you put GET permission as everyone to make testing a lot easier. Create new custom API tweets
  10. Go configure tab and click copy icon on GIT URL Configure GIT URL
  11. Open PowerShell and navigate to folder you want and type "Git clone [Your url]" PowerShell Git Clone
  12. Now you can open file explorer to that view by typing explorer .[your servicename] Windows Explorer view
  13. Open tweets.js from your service/api folder Tweet.js on file explorer
  14. Edit with your favorite editor (I used Notepad++). Source code is at below for copy pasting.Tweet.js on notepad
  15. Navigate to service folder in your project and then write "npm install twit --save" PowerShell NPM Install
  16. Write "Git add ." (Warnings are fine) Powershell Git Add
  17. Write Git commit "Installed twit with NPM" Git Commit
  18. Write Git push Git Push
  19. Test your site out by browsing http://tapanilatwitter.azure-mobile.net/api/tweets

P.S. Whole solution can be found Here